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K&N Fiberglass Pressure Vessels


K&N Fiberglass Pressure Vessel membrane housings are adaptable to fit all sizes of membranes. K&N manufactures a complete range of fiberglass pressure vessel membrane housings. Sizes include 2.5 inch, 4 inch, and 8 inch vessels in lengths to house from one to six 40 inch long membranes with pressure ratings of 250, 300, 400, 600, 1000 and 1,200 psi.

Our Fiberglass Pressure Vessels are manufactured by a computer controlled filament winding machine wound over precision mandrels and are made in compliance with the Boiler and Pressure Vessel Code of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers. K&N Fiberglass Pressure Vessels are manufacture to the American Society of Mechanical Engineers specifications Code X (ASME) an industrial safety standard to ensure consistently safe products.


Each K&N Fiberglass Pressure Vessel is:
(1)   Designed to a safety factor of 6 times its maximum working pressure.
(2)   Hydro-tested to 1.5 times its maximum designed working pressure to assure
    structural integrity and leak free performance before shipment.
(3)   Design fatigue-test to ASME Code X specifications.
(4)   Easy open end closures for quick assembly and disassembly.
(5)   Three piece 316 stainless steel interlocking ring system provides extra security in
    locking each end of the vessel safely closed.
(6)   Head locking grooves integrally wound in-place for extra safety.
(7)   Supported by a proven history of manufacturing process and high quality
    corrosion resistant materials.
(8)   Sanded and painted with a two part high gloss polyurethane exterior paint.
(9)   Supplied with stainless steel mounting brackets and polyurethane support mounts.
(10)   Warranty for one year from date of purchase on material defects and workmanship.

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